The cellar of the Domaine de Bel-Air

The winery

The estate currently has twelve Arsilac stainless steel vats with a total volume of 302 hectolitres, four of which are closed and eight with floating caps.
Temperature management during fermentation is ensured either by a regulation system incorporated into the vats or by flags that are dipped into the wine.

Oak barrels of 225 litres are used to age the white and red wines. Blending is planned before bottling in autumn 2021.
All of the oak barrels are from two different manufacturers in order to analyse the impact of each manufacturing process on the wine and to identify those best suited to Domaine Bel Air’s vintages. A 600-litre barrel was used to vinify all the rolle for the first vintage. The different white wine cuvées were determined in March 2021, with a lightly oaked cuvée and a second brut de cuve.
The rosé wine is exclusively vinified and matured in stainless steel vats in order to preserve the natural aromas of the wine, all its freshness and complexity.

Our production, guided by high standards and excellence

The first year of production is crucial. The initial yield is therefore limited to ensure the longevity and sustainability of the vines. This production, concentrated in taste, is also a guarantee of quality and tasty aromas from the first harvest. The white of the Esquisse cuvée (“First-draft vintage”), like the sketch that serves as a guide for the artist in the creation of his work, under its delicately golden colour, reveals for this white Vermentino grape variety, its pronounced aromas of vanilla and roasted hazelnut supported by a bouquet of garrigue honey; through a good length in the mouth and after a woody note, vanilla and honey are found.

While the 100% white wine of this Mediterranean grape variety, Rolle, with its luminous colour and green reflections ensures a real length in the mouth, its touch of bitterness is structuring. Its taste of Williams pear and peach reveals its delicate sweetness and expresses a real intensity for its first vintage. The rosé, made up of 40% Cinsault, 35% Grenache and 25% Sauvignon Blanc, reveals a delicate, crystalline and very bright pink colour, while its perfume extracts floral notes of white flowers, iris from Provence and lilac. On the palate, its finesse is revealed through a hint of red fruit, more precisely raspberry and a hint of blackcurrant. The red wine, with a grape variety composed of 90% Syrah and 10% Grenache, reveals a deep red colour with violet reflections, a fruity perfume with a note of sweet paprika spice, the wine is pure and round, delicate and extremely pleasing; on the palate, blackberry and black cherry exult our taste buds.

The 2022 vintages are a continuation of the previous year with a novelty: the rosé cuvée Esquisse with its floral and delicate nose of white flowers on the first nose which evolves in the mouth with a nice balance on the greediness giving an excellent structure and length in blocked.

The bottling of our vintages

Bottling begins at the end of winter, in March-April, with the whites and rosés. The reds require patience. It is necessary to wait at least one year of maturation for the red units to offer the optimal quality of this 2020 vintage.