The history of the Domaine de Bel-Air

Our newly-revived vineyards here on the Domaine de Bel Air cover 18 hectares in the heart of Provence. We apply the strict principles of organic farming, and our vines are now giving us a carefully-controlled and deliberately-reduced yield full of the flavours of Aix-en-Provence.

The sun-drenched grapes are harvested each year by hand by grape-pickers, with the greatest respect for the vines.

We have recently brought the estate back to life. The estate dates back to 1750, but had been abandoned in recent years before we revived its wine-making past, and we are proud once again to be creating high-quality Provençal wines.

To allow us to capture the aromas and flavours of our setting and soil type (terroir) our cellar is equipped with a quality vat room combining modern stainless-steel vats with traditional oak barrels. And to create a balance and maintain the harmony of the landscape, 200 olive trees have been added to the vineyard.

This family estate, relaunched by an owner descended from a line of winegrowers, is part of an artisanal approach, guided by rural values of quality. Its premier cru, born in the property’s cellar, offers a unique range of white, rosé and red wines, reflecting all the richness of the land of Provence.

  • 1750

    Louis XV

    Creation of the wine estate and its olive grove under the reign of Louis XV

  • 1853

    Domaine provençal

    Purchase of the vast Provençal estate, its land, vines, olive trees and fruit trees by Sieur Caillat.

  • 1970

    Arbres du domaine Bel-Air

    The estate was abandoned and the vines were uprooted.

  • 2015

    Domaine Bel-Air

    Purchase of the bastide and its land to give Bel Air back its former charm and relaunch the wine business.

  • 2017

    Vigne du domaine

    Renaissance of the estate: 9 hectares of new vines are planted with the greatest respect for the principles of organic farming.

  • 2020


    Beginning of a new era with the first hand-picked grapes.

  • 2021

    Vin Domaine Bel-Air

    Bottling of the first Bel Air vintage. All the authenticity and generosity of the Provençal terroir are revealed in its aromas. The story continues...